Coming spring 2018

   The idea of my online boutique came from a long life of passion my Grandmother, who recently passed away had for fashion. (God rest her soul). In her lifetime she opened countless stores and boutiques all across America and our Country Dominican Republic.  As soon as I was old enough to get a working license in high school I began to work the nightlife in NYC. Ive spend hours and even days just like many other women in the world trying to find the perfect outfit for countless events & occasions. After years of experience in the night world I know what women look for. My goal is to make all my Angels feel comfortable enough to be themselves and get through the day; yet sexy enough to take control of whatever room or environment they are in. I want you to leave with an item you are overly excited to wear knowing wherever you go you are going to kill! With that being said I want all my beautiful women to know just how powerful and stunning you are, especially when we unite! The possibilities are endless. Introducing to the world a Flawless zone, we are Free Angels!